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Hello, I'm Brian Cooney!

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Hey there, I’m Brian Cooney – not your average entrepreneur, but a seasoned maestro in the world of business and Forex trading. With over 14 years of navigating the intricate markets, I’ve not just owned businesses; I’ve mastered the art of technical analysis and Forex trading.

📈 Trading Wizardry: £20k Monthly and Beyond! Under the wing of top-notch educators and mentors globally, I’ve honed my skills to consistently generate up to £20k per month through my trading prowess. It’s not just a job; it’s a passion, a journey, and a legacy in the making.

Five Star Forex Ireland: Your Gateway To Exceptional Trading

Why do people love us?

Explore the benefits of Forex with FiveStarForex—where accessibility, profit potential, and diversification meet to redefine your approach to financial success.

Diversification is key in today’s fast-paced markets, and Five Star Forex has helped me achieve just that. Their range of currency pairs and strategic advice on diversifying my portfolio has proven to be a smart move. I appreciate the personalized approach they bring to every client.
Michael R
Diversification Advocate
Five Star Forex understands the importance of risk management, which is crucial for someone like me who is more risk-averse. Their emphasis on responsible trading, along with a transparent approach, has earned my trust. I feel secure and well-supported on my trading journey.
Sarah L
Risk-Averse Investor
“I am new to Brians service having tried (unsuccessfully) to trade on my own. I have found his trade recommendation to be accurate easy to understand and has a follow up email at the end of everyweek to update you on how the trades have performed. When I have contacted Brian he responded when possible and having spoken with him in an informal chat he answered four of my questions without me asking them. I have found Brian to be a very genuine, experienced trader and after listening to his past, I understand why. It’s a pleasure to be on board and I am very confident now about my future trading success.
Barry Mulhall

Discover the advantages of joining our community and dive into the world of Forex trading with FiveStarForex. Here’s why becoming a part of our platform can transform your trading experience:



High Liquidity

Forex markets are known for their high liquidity, providing you with the flexibility to execute trades of any size with ease. Join us to tap into a market that’s always ready for action.

Accessibility Around the Clock

The Forex market operates 24/5, allowing you to trade at any time, day or night. Embrace the freedom of trading on your schedule with the accessibility that suits.

Profit Potential in All Market Conditions

Unlike some traditional markets, Forex offers the potential for profit whether prices are rising or falling. Our expert strategies guide you in navigating diverse market.

Transform Your Trading Skills

Explore the benefits of Forex with FiveStarForex—where accessibility, profit potential, and diversification meet to redefine your approach to financial success.
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Years of experience

It’s vital financial coaching is conducted professionally and to the highest standard, which we're here to help with.
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Happy Students

Have participated in our courses to address these ministry challenges by learning more about personal finance, and preparing to lead others.

Personal Forex Coaching


Our seasoned trading expert, with 14 years of proven success, is offering a limited opportunity for select individuals to COPY his winning trades.
Our Innovative Coaching Solutions Address The Toughest Challenges In Forex Trading, Empowering Traders With The Tools And Knowledge Needed To Succeed.

Our Philosophy

We believe in fostering an environment of continuous learning, innovation, and integrity, laying the foundation for success in every aspect of forex trading.

Our Principle

Our principle revolves around transparency, trust, and the unwavering dedication to guiding our community towards informed and strategic decision-making in the dynamic forex landscape.

Key Of Success

Our key lies in empowering individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to navigate the markets successfully, ultimately achieving their financial goals.